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You are Alive : : My New Book!

Happy New Year! I had a great holiday visiting with my family and I hope you did too! I took last week to quietly recalibrate, and now I’m back and moving and shaking.

And now: I have BIG NEWS! I’ve had a new book in the works for quite some time—I spent the fall writing and printing and bringing together many ideas I’ve had for a long while to create a little book full of my heart, thoughts and inspiration.
And now . . . drum roll please . . . IT’S FINISHED!

The Book is called You are Alive, and it is a singing little book about the experience of being a human in this world. In this book, I thought and wrote about the wonder of being alive and also the challenges—how it is completely amazing that we are here breathing, but also how often we/I forget this. The words are airy on the page, giving you space to think, and they’re also accompanied by a collection of wild collagraph prints that I made especially for this book. {collagraphs printing is a printmaking process where the artist hand-makes the printing block by collaging materials onto a solid grounding and then prints the collage. I made these collagraphs with card stock on matboard and then printed with black ink on paper}.

I have just listed my book for sale in my shop! Find it here in the book section.

And here’s a little sneak peek:

***CLICK HERE >> Read the beginning of You are Alive

And some snapshots:

I am so excited to share this book! The process of making it is something I will never forget—thinking about the ideas through the concrete process of writing really changed me. I will always remember one particular walk I took in the middle of writing when something so deep shifted in me as I thought about what I wanted to say. It was one of the ost expansive moments of my life so far. So, I say thank you book, thank you art, and thank YOU for looking at this new work of mine!


A Tweet Tweet Here, and a Woof Woof There

Hello! I just wanted to share these fun cards with you that I made on my little letterpress printing press some while ago and have recently listed here in my shop. They’re a great way to say “Hello!” (in dog-speak, or like a bird) to your friends. I think they’d also be a great stocking stuffer! Each card is completely hand printed and has that lovely impressed texture from the wooden type I used to make them. I hope these give you a little smile today! Woof!

A Peek at What I’ve Been Making : : A New Book!

I’ve been pretty quiet here on my blog lately, and that’s been largely because I’ve been pouring most of my creativity into a new big project. I’m really starting to see this project come together and am at the point of no return, so I thought I could now give you a peek without jinxing myself (I am a little superstitious about these things—sometimes when I share a project too soon, it can make it that much harder to keep going).

So, here it goes: I’m so excited to report that I have been working on a book! If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve seen me make many happy little books over the past couple of years, and this book is in the same creative-thinking, poetic, inspiration-making, life-appreciating tradition, but much bigger. It’s a combination of writing and visual art about many things I’ve been meditating on for some time, mainly: the experience of being alive and appreciating and understanding that experience.

For the visuals in the book, I’ve been making a series of collagraphs (see picture above), and yesterday I started to print them for the first time. I had been doubting what I was doing while making them, but once I started printing I was elated to find out that they were exactly what I wanted to create. This is perhaps one of the most gratifying experiences as an artist—to keep going in the process of making, pass through the doubt, and come out at the other side having brought the vision in your head into reality. I have been basking in the glow of this since yesterday afternoon, and I’m so excited to incorporate these prints into my book.

Another very excellent thing about being an artist has also been ever-present through the process of making this book: the experience of making something that is so directly a reflection of my life, my heart, and what I’m trying to understand and learn these days. I have had many flying realization moments while writing the words for this book, and nearly every day I have an experience where I’m out living my life and struggling with something or other, and I think about what I learned from writing.

This is a gift. An enormous, tremendous, gift: to do work that teaches you (through the process of doing the work) exactly what you want to learn deep in your core. In moments of doubt about the project (and there have been and will continue to be many) I try to remember that no matter what happens, I have already gotten so much from the process that the worth has already been given to me over and over.

I’m still banging away on the book, helping it find its best shape. I’m not sure when it will be finished or exactly how I will produce the final form, but I’m hoping to get it out in the world soon—perhaps by the end of the year or soon after.

I am wishing with all my heart that you too are finding things to create that make your heart sing! I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment if you’d like to share!

Rhyming Fun Wild Letterpress {the first} Prints for Sale!

I just listed my very first letterpress prints for sale over in my shop! I am very excited! In celebration of this beginning to my letterpress adventure, I put them up for sale for just $5 each! Yahoo! Find them here in my shop. Some you have seen in my last letterpress post, plus these few new rhyming ones I made:

The Letterpress Adventure Begins!

Hey! I got a printing press! And she lives in my garage:

This is my new {old} Poco Proof Press No. 0! In the afternoons, I strap on my apron and go out to my garage and play. I’m just beginning to collect printing supplies/tools, so currently my repertoire is pretty small (I only have a handful of letters to print with), but I’ve been playing around nonetheless.

I love just to possess and look at this gorgeous wood type! It is the physical incarnation of the letters I love so much!

This is one of my first prints of my new wood letters, after I realized I could keep running the same paper through the press for an interesting layered look. This discovery is now providing endless joy to me as I see how I can manipulate it. Also, I discovered I could spell a few interesting words with my group of mismatched letters:

I am completely in love with the gorgeous impression I got on the letter “Q” here—it makes such graceful shapes, and I got especially excited about how it looked when I printed in a faded light gray tone (after printing over and over without re-inking the letters, I arrived at the different shades of gray).

And of course, always there is rhyming in my brain:

I have another set of letters on the way found through the amazing ebay! More letterpress fun to come! Stay tuned!

Sunflowers and Wind : : New Linocuts!

Hello Hello! I’ve been working on some new linoleum block carvings to use as imagery with my new letterpress printing project—you know, the one I mentioned in my last post, called “In Praise of Small Things” that I’m raising money for on Kickstarter. If you haven’t heard about it yet, go on over to my fund raising project page and check it out! I would love for you to be a part of it! I’m so excited to see my project taking flight, and you can help me really make it a reality.

Well now, let’s get back to the purpose of this post: my new linocuts. Linoleum block carvings are one of the main ways I will create imagery for my new collection of art prints and cards because the blocks will work to print right along side lead or wood type. Since my project is about appreciating small everyday things, I’ve started by carving two things I love: a sunflower, and a playful interpretation of wind. Here are some test prints I did to see how I did on my carving:

Wouldn’t these be fun on some little art cards? I’m very happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to use them! The printing press I want to get for my project will do a much better job printing these than I could ever dream of doing by hand! Oh wait, did I show you the printing press I want to get? I don’t think I did—here it is:

This here is a Poco Proof Press No. 0! Isn’t it cool!? It’s one heavy-duty, historic piece of machinery, and there’s a printmaker selling it just 20 minutes from me. I went to see it this past weekend, and it runs so smoothly, and is just beautiful. I’m excited to have found out about a press like this because it’s as space efficient as other tabletop presses I’ve seen, but it would allow me to make both cards and prints (other tabletop platen-style presses I’ve considered are only big enough for cards). This press will take a little more playing around to set it up to do what I want it to do, since it was originally designed mainly for proofing things before setting up on another press (like for proofreading a newspaper, for example), but I think the versatility will be well worth my time.

Well, I hope you’re having a wonder-filled creative day! Happy dreaming!

Big News!! Come Help Fund my Next Creative Adventure: In Praise of Small Things!

I have big, big news, and I’m so excited to share it with you! I just launched a fund raising campaign on Kickstarter to fund a big creative adventure I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. It’s called “In Praise of Small Things: A Letterpress Adventure.”

Remember last year when I was raving about how much I love letterpress printing, and how I had just taken a beginning letterpress class? Well, I’ve been holding this excitement in my belly since then, waiting patiently {anxiously} to get to a more settled home and the right moment to pursue it. Well, now here I am in Boulder with a garage (waiting studio space), and more time for art. The right time has arrived! As extra incentive, I went to a little printer fair last weekend, and wouldn’t you know it, there was someone there with a tabletop proof press for sale! I’ve had the idea of doing a Kickstarter campaign for just such a thing in the back of my mind, and all of it came together at the right moment!

This project is not only about letterpress, but it’s about creating more work that really sends out the messages I want to share: messages about how we live in a beautiful, amazing world, and we only need to just appreciate what’s around us. I’ve been writing often lately about birds and clouds and sunlight. These are the things that make me stop and realize all that I have, and all that we all have {no one can take from you the feeling of wind blowing in your hair!}. So with this project, I want to create a beautiful new collection of art prints and cards that celebrate the beauty of life through the phenomenal medium of letterpress printing.

I can’t imagine a better medium than letterpress printing with which to create this collection—letterpress printing in and of itself is a medium that appreciates the small things—the printer has to pay attention to every little letter and piece of punctuation as she sets each piece one by one to create a design, and then make each print by hand.

The reason I’ve put my project on Kickstarter (an online creative fund raising platform) is because I NEED YOUR HELP! I want to put this inspiration out in the world, but I need to raise the funds to get equipment and supplies to create it!

You can find out more about my project by heading over to my In Praise of Small Things page on Kickstarter. I made a video, and as a contributor you will get to receive some of my first letterpress cards and prints with inspiring, whimsical, poetic messages and images about this beautiful world!

Kickstarter has a policy to encourage projects to really get going, and this policy stipulates that the project must be fully funded or else none of the money pledged will be donated. This means I need your help in another way: TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Spread the word! Help me reach my funding goal so my project can get out in the world! Twitter it. Facebook it! Blog about it! Talk about it! I give you my undying deep thanks for taking the time to be a part of my creative adventures!

Yay, I’m so excited—I’m off to shout about it on twitter!

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