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How to Start a Poem

There are a million ways to begin;
OK, maybe twenty-six.
But the little letter i
opens out to infinity,
and without u
there would be no universe.
And e begins every ending.

To start, all you need is the letter s.
And a w brings the whole world
tumbling after it.


The Loom

It has been quite a long time since my last post! These long pauses seem to be just the way it is right now with me blogging as I try to understand my creative life as it continues to change these days. The good news is: I have still been writing (and even drawing recently), so the Blue Bicicletta continues to ride! And so, here is a poem for you that I want to share because it has echoed in my head ever since the day it came. I hope you are having a wonder-filled summer and finding time to walk in the early mornings or evenings (as I like to in this season) and look at the trees and sky.


The Loom

What trembles
but your fingers
weaving a way out.
Weave blind.
You know the way
by touch. You know the way
by the sound of your heels
in the doorway.
There is darkness
and there is the loom.
You have been lost before
but not now.

Sky Poems : : The Stream


The Stream

Anything can happen
when you go to the stream to drink.


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The Music (from Rumi)

The Music

For sixty years I have been forgetful,
every minute, but not for a second
has this flowing toward me stopped or slowed.
I deserve nothing. Today I recognize
that I am the guest the mystics talk about.
I play this living music for my host.
Everything today is for the host.

{From The Essential Rumi translated by Coleman Barks}

When Winter Finally Lies Down

When winter finally
lies down and shows
its pale belly,
whole office buildings
will empty.
Cars will be abandoned
on highways.
Only trails of jackets
will remain, strewn
over floors and sidewalks,
as we all stumble towards
orchards snowed over
in blossoms, and lie down
in the warm grass.

Sky Poems : : The River


The River

You may feel separate,
like a rock in the desert
adrift in dust,
but once there was a river
that lived in you
and the river never stopped flowing.
Go home to the cool water
that runs through everything.


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Sky Poems : : Life Comes


Life Comes

One turned leaf at a time,
until one day you look up
and the whole forest is gold.


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Hello there! My name is Nicole K. Docimo, and I am an artist and writer from the U.S.A. but currently residing in Zurich, Switzerand. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Some Thoughts

"Be thirsty for the ultimate water,
and then be ready for what will
come pouring from the spring."

{from "Joy at Sudden Disappointment"
translated by C. Barks.}

~This Work ~

Unless otherwise noted, all images and writings on this blog were created by me, Nicole K. Docimo aka Blue Bicicletta. If you would like to share anything you see here for inspirational purposes online, I just ask that you kindly let folks know where you found it. If you are wanting to share/reproduce any of my work in any other way, or have any questions about how you will be sharing the work in relation to copyright, please contact me directly at nkdocimo {at} gmail {dot} com. Thanks!

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