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Rhyming Fun Wild Letterpress {the first} Prints for Sale!

I just listed my very first letterpress prints for sale over in my shop! I am very excited! In celebration of this beginning to my letterpress adventure, I put them up for sale for just $5 each! Yahoo! Find them here in my shop. Some you have seen in my last letterpress post, plus these few new rhyming ones I made:


The Letterpress Adventure Begins!

Hey! I got a printing press! And she lives in my garage:

This is my new {old} Poco Proof Press No. 0! In the afternoons, I strap on my apron and go out to my garage and play. I’m just beginning to collect printing supplies/tools, so currently my repertoire is pretty small (I only have a handful of letters to print with), but I’ve been playing around nonetheless.

I love just to possess and look at this gorgeous wood type! It is the physical incarnation of the letters I love so much!

This is one of my first prints of my new wood letters, after I realized I could keep running the same paper through the press for an interesting layered look. This discovery is now providing endless joy to me as I see how I can manipulate it. Also, I discovered I could spell a few interesting words with my group of mismatched letters:

I am completely in love with the gorgeous impression I got on the letter “Q” here—it makes such graceful shapes, and I got especially excited about how it looked when I printed in a faded light gray tone (after printing over and over without re-inking the letters, I arrived at the different shades of gray).

And of course, always there is rhyming in my brain:

I have another set of letters on the way found through the amazing ebay! More letterpress fun to come! Stay tuned!

A Tall Skinny Font and My Favorite Color in the World

So, the key word for me this month is play, and so I have been playing around with a new hand-drawn font:

I have been seeing versions of a font like this around in the “Indie Movement” for a while now, but I was specifically inspired by a tutorial I saw in Sunset magazine created by Yellow Owl Workshop. I have seen Yellow Owl Workshop’s work several times on the Internets—there’s something about their work that really attracts me. So, I was not surprised when I was lead there once again through this page I ripped out of Sunset. Isn’t it funny how that happens? A certain style calls you and you keep finding your way back to the same artists again and again! This font is so much fun to play with and I’ve been using it every chance I get. You will most definitely be seeing it show up here again.

On a second note, since I’ve been playing with paint a little this last week, I thought I would share with you:

I was painting in blue yesterday and found myself {by no surprise really} mixing up this color. I’m not sure how faithfully it is represented on your computer monitor, but my favorite color in the world is a soft blue with a hint of gray—it reminds me of the sea, and I find the color to be so peaceful. I have many memories of looking out on a shade of this color when visiting the north coast of California. One day I dream of having an art studio painted this color.

Happy wide blue day!

Airplane Scribbling and The Way to Peace

Hello Hello! Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a wonder-filled first few days of 2011! We got back from visiting my family in Colorado just before New Year’s, and have now spent a very relaxing long weekend at home, which has included: sleeping in very late, eating lots of good food, using some gift cards we got for the holidays which means: new shoes, clothes, and dinner out! It’s been a very vacation-y post-vacation! And now, two un-related things to share with you. First, some airplane scribbles:

{A fun font I drew on the back of an airline napkin. I’ve seen fonts somewhat like this before, but it was the first time I drew it.}

And now on a philosophical note :: some time before Christmas, I came across some simple words, and they have been traveling with me the last week. I’m not sure where I heard or read them (if you know whose they are, drop me a comment), but they go like this:

There is no way to peace, peace is the way.

I have heard this idea many times, and perhaps I have heard even these specific words before, but they came back to me just when I needed them—sitting stuck in an airport fretting about whether or not we would get home that night. Since then, I have been turning them over in my head. They have this un-graspable, infinite feel to them, don’t you think?

I often spend a lot of time and effort trying to arrive at peace, but I keep forgetting that peace is not a destination, it is a “way,” a path. Peace is all around us all the time. We can choose at any moment to let everything else go and live in it. I often wonder why it feels so hard when it really is so simple. I think it’s precisely because I’m trying to arrive there instead of just letting peace be the way.

I’m wishing all of us the possibility to just sit back and live in the peace as much as we can—today, this moment, and every moment this year. Happy peace-soft-day to you!

A Folk Font Sampler {in progress}

A couple of weeks ago, you may remember this post where I was playing around with what I call “folk font.” Well, I mentioned then that I might like to draw up the full alphabet, and I have been working on that this lovely morning.

When I started trying to decide on a layout for the alphabet, the folksy-ness of the font made me think of traditional samplers, so I played around with that idea in the composition. Of course this is not embroidered as samplers usually are—but wouldn’t it be fun to embroider? Hmm, the possibilities! This drawing is still in progress—not sure what I want to do with it next. Honestly, I feel like whipping out some crayons and coloring it, but here it is so far:

{By the way, I’m still working on figuring out if the font has a real name—thanks for your suggestions on my last post! I saw it in a catalog of type last weekend under “Victorian” styles, but didn’t see a specific name.}

A Folksy Font

I’ve been playing around with this folksy font on a couple of different projects lately, and it’s just too fun! It makes me smile every time I draw a letter!

I’ve been seeing this font in many different places lately—I think it must come from some old folk art and is making a comeback with the Indie Craft movement. One place I see it, where I always drool over it, is on the Renegade Craft Fair website. Really, the whole site and every piece of graphic design I’ve ever seen produced to advertise Renegade, is a trip into hand-drawn font funland, and their take of this particular folksy font is gorgeous (just check out the header on their website).

I have often wondered if this font has a name—do any of you out in blogland know? I would love to find out the history behind it, but I haven’t the faintest idea what it might be called, and therefore it is quite difficult to search for. Well, anyhow, here are some more specimens, stolen from a logo I’m working on for someone, and a new version of my own business card. Maybe I’ll draw up the whole alphabet in this font! Now, that would be fun!

The Final Step

I have reached the final step of my TriangleLove book: binding. I got a small batch of my new little books printed up for the first time yesterday, and they’re quite cute! The cover is a soft blue cardstock, and the inside pages are a nice thick white paper.

I decided to do a quick pamphlet stitch to bind these books because the books are just the right size and weight for it. I learned this stitch back in a high school bookmaking class, and it’s easy as pie and has served me in so many ways since then. I got my linen thread out, and a very short time later had a nice little collection of bound books to show for my work.

It is always exciting to see a project in its final form—after the drawings, scannings, computer work, binding and such—and I’m really excited to share them with you. I wanted to post them up for sale in my shop today, but the weather is so dull and gray that I’m going to wait until tomorrow to see if the sun will shine and give me some good light for the photographs.

So, stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow, and the chance to snatch up your very own little TriangleLove book!

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