Today I am flying on a breeze and just wanted to say hello. I woke up and {after breakfast and a run} typed madly on the computer about how much I love writing and how when I’m writing I am the person I want to be. And then I rode my blue bicicletta across town for lunch with my husband where we sat in his new favorite room at his new office building with big windows looking out on the mountains. And then I rode home in the fine spring weather, and I listened to the great Michael Neill’s radio show (which always expands me). And then I made my first attempt at making chocolate from roasted cacao nibs and sugar (see this video). The chocolate tastes amazing and blows my mind in its simplicity. I love having my mind blown! The experience of making it reminded me that what really makes my heart sing is to make something from seemingly nothing. And then I just rewrote my about page on this blog (see tabs above), something I’ve been thinking to do for some time, but couldn’t find the motivation, but in my jazzy, expansive mood I felt inspired and excited to write it, and so it just happened. And now here I am writing this, and next I will go outside for a walk with my favorite walking partner Lance the dog. I hope you’re having a beautiful day and finding some little time and way to blow your mind!


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Hello there! My name is Nicole K. Docimo, and I am an artist and writer from the U.S.A. but currently residing in Zurich, Switzerand. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Some Thoughts

"Be thirsty for the ultimate water,
and then be ready for what will
come pouring from the spring."

{from "Joy at Sudden Disappointment"
translated by C. Barks.}

~This Work ~

Unless otherwise noted, all images and writings on this blog were created by me, Nicole K. Docimo aka Blue Bicicletta. If you would like to share anything you see here for inspirational purposes online, I just ask that you kindly let folks know where you found it. If you are wanting to share/reproduce any of my work in any other way, or have any questions about how you will be sharing the work in relation to copyright, please contact me directly at nkdocimo {at} gmail {dot} com. Thanks!

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