Bullfighting and Pizza

Often, when I’m feeling a bit lost, I have the urge to make a collage. I pull out a pile of old magazines and start ripping out the pictures that call to me. This process is a kind of a subliminal exercise—mining the sub-conscious for focus and ideas. I’m in the middle of a lot of different things right now, most notably my move to Colorado next month, so a lot of things are up in the air—I’ll soon be living in a new place, with a new living situation, new working situation, new everything really. So, yesterday I started ripping out pictures for a collage as a fun creative therapy. Here’s what I found:

It’s easy to start over-interpreting these sorts of things, but it’s interesting to think about why I might be choosing these pictures. What does pizza and bullfighting have to do with my life right now? Why all of the interior spaces?

The second question is easiest to answer—I’ve been dreaming of having a beautiful space to live in and make my own. We’ve been living in a small-ish apartment for the past 8 months with little room to spread out (and unpacked boxes). Also, we’ve been house hunting the past few weeks, and it’s been a little bit rocky. Needless to say, I’ve been dreaming of a home—a real home. I’m not sure if we’ll find our dream house this next move, but I’m looking forward to really moving into a space with the intention of staying.

As for the pizza—who doesn’t love pizza? I mean, really! But the pizza, the clouds, the flowers—this is the beauty of life—the reminder to sit back and enjoy the little things.

And the bullfighting? Am I the bull, or the bullfighter, or maybe both? I am torn lately about decisions I will have to be making soon about my work-life (find a new part-time job or not? what kind of part-time job?), so I think I have a fight going on in my head. There’s another picture you can’t see of two snakes intertwined, and also maybe battling. The interesting thing about both of these examples, is that they’re not hostile, in fact doesn’t the bullfighting really look more like a dance than a fight? I would like to dance my way into this next phase, and this collage was the first step.

Happy day to you!

1 Response to “Bullfighting and Pizza”

  1. 1 Kerri May 11, 2011 at 2:45 am

    I should give this a try. I’m rather lost at the moment. Trying to be cheerfully lost, but still any help is good!

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