Personal Power

{More from my peace collagraph series}

This past weekend, I was taking a yoga class, and the teacher started talking about the correct usage of your personal power. This is something I really love about many yoga classes—the teachers bring the physical and spiritual realms together (which really, isn’t that the whole beauty behind yoga in general?). She was saying to put your personal power to use in opening your heart.

This made me start thinking about how I spend so much of my energy trying to correct my personal flaws—thinking about things I’d like to change and improve about myself, how I’d like to be different (and more peaceful!). This, to me does not seem like the correct usage of my personal power, and further makes me wonder what wonder-filled wide things I could be experiencing and creating if I was to free up that energy.

How many of us spend so much energy working against ourselves instead of with ourselves? And yet it’s hard to really grasp the differences because couldn’t you say that trying to accept yourself how you are is just one more attempt at fixing yourself? Indeed, this is one of the biggest problems I create. For example—I have declared this month a month of peace with the intention of putting my energy towards understanding how to go the way of peace. The funny thing is, often when I do this I just end up creating more struggle—I think to myself, “Why can’t I just be peaceful, gosh darnit!?” And then I just have to laugh at myself (when it is at all possible) because isn’t it humorous how our monkey brains will tie us up in loops? They create struggle out of peace itself.

Another teacher I got to meet recently stated it best when he said that fighting your thoughts is a losing battle. The key instead is to ask, “who is having the thoughts?” and imagine that your thoughts are like lights flickering on a movie screen and you’re watching the movie of your thoughts. Then all you need to do is remind yourself that it’s just a movie—it’s not real. The whole thing is one long slap-stick comedy then isn’t it? And in summation: I find that the answer to nearly every problem is to stop taking myself so seriously.

Happy day to you! I’m wishing you skies full of peace and play!

4 Responses to “Personal Power”

  1. 1 Kerri February 8, 2011 at 3:17 am

    As always Nicole I am so thankful that you are not a surface swimmer. You are a deep sea diver looking for your truth. Corny, but true! It’s so lovely to know you are out there thinking and wondering and finding your way. Thanks for sharing with us x x

  2. 2 keishua February 8, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    I know that feelings. Sometimes, I throw my hands up because I am trying so hard to improve myself that it is making me unhappy. I think you make a good point. Sometimes, we have to give ourselves a break.

  3. 3 Amy February 14, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    You know, there’s a lot of talk these days about gratitude, and practicing gratitude. And while the talk starts to sound a little stale, the truth is, I think practicing gratitude may actually be the healthiest, most balanced, most accessible way for me to shift my thought patterns and my use of my personal power. No beating up on myself about how much I need to change, no hard work to force myself to accept myself the way I am. Just a simple acknowledgment of something that’s undeniably good in my world. It has a snowball effect–it feels like it changes everything, and really quickly too. Not just acceptance of myself, but real love can follow from such a practice. (Does all this mean I’m a perfect practitioner of gratitude? HAH! Not even a chance. But I absolutely know it makes a difference to me every time I can stop focusing on myself and look outward at what and who I love.)

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