Art as a Grand Experiment, and the Great Idea Machine Continued

After yesterday’s new Idea Machine invention, you know I could not go on without making more models of my Idea Machine. Here it goes:

“Idea Machine, Model T,” 8.5 x 11 inches, pen and ink, available here in my shop.

“Idea Machine, Model M,” 8 x 10 inches, pen and ink, available here in my shop

These idea machines are all a little crooked and crazy, and I love them for that. They are just the kind of wild creativity I hope to live in every day! In my shop, I started describing them as coming from the laboratory of my brain, kind of like a mad scientist machine with test tubes and beakers—how true that is.

The more art I make, the more it feels like a grand experiment in making—each drawing is just one little piece in part of a larger exploration. I realized recently how important this view has been in enabling me to continue making art over the long-term—learning to let go of each piece and let it be what it is—a step to the next piece, and the next, in the widening spiral of my creative life.

If you look at it this way, you can go forward fearlessly creating anything that inspires you, and even if it doesn’t turn out quite how you hoped, there is always the next piece. This takes the pressure off and lets you learn what you can learn from the piece you’re working on and then make the next move. To be honest, this philosophy saves me all the time, and I think in order to be an artist or maker of any sort, you must live by it—it will set you free to make the things you are here to make, and let your heart sing, as I so adamantly discussed last week.

Another thought that I’ve been wondering on: how amazing it will be to see what I am making when I’m 80 years old, after 50+ years of experimenting. It ought to be a site! I am saying many soft prayers to the sky hoping that all of us will live long enough to see what we are making at 80! For now, happy experimenting!


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