Oh, the Antelopes

This morning, I sat down and started drawing—one triangle, then another, and then I thought, “Why don’t I try to draw a fish?” I was thinking I could leave the inside of the fish empty and use triangles as an outline. After going along for a while, something wasn’t quite right, but I continued on to see what I could make of it. As I sat there trying to figure out where to go, in walks Mike (my husband). He says in passing, “That looks like an antelope.”

I looked at my drawing for a minute, and thought, “hmm, an antelope?” Then, I thought for another moment, and said to myself “An antelope!” This spun me in a new direction and led me to internet surfing for pictures of antelopes, and then drawing a couple more intentional antelopes myself. {thanks Mikes} After a couple of trials, this is lucky version number three, and what I’m calling my final version:

“Antelope,” 7 x 8.25 inches, pen and ink, original is available here in my shop

Yay for antelopes, although aren’t they the ones who always get helplessly cornered and massacred in nature shows? I seem to have a memory of antelopes (impalas?) running around while desperately being chased by a lion or tiger.

I am one of those people who cringes whenever she sees a dead animal on the side of the road, so watching the lovely antelopes leaping around the desert, trying to escape their big bad predators seems so sad to me. But it’s nature, right?!

Anyway, here’s to one of nature’s underdogs with some mighty fine horns (and a blue bicicletta triangle twist)! Happy day to you!


3 Responses to “Oh, the Antelopes”

  1. 1 jaja March 29, 2010 at 10:58 am

    GAAAAAAAAAAH one of my favorite of the triangle series yet! i can’t put my finger on why or how, but this little guy has so much character :)

  2. 2 artproject2010 March 30, 2010 at 8:49 am

    Seriously. You have a way with triangles that is somehow otherworldly and magical. I now think of you as “Nicole, the triangle wrangler”. Ooh, you could make a cowboy out of triangles and then it would be a real triangle wrangler! Wow, can you tell who hasn’t had any coffee yet? Loopy! I mean it though. You’re amazing. Isn’t it wonderful for something to evolve kind of unexpectedly into something great like that? Rob (my husband) has been helpful as well with things like that; it’s pretty amazing to know I can ask for and trust his advice most of the time when it comes to art. Way to go, Nicole! (P.S. I think this would be a cool t-shirt. Ever submit anything to Threadless?)

  1. 1 Elephant « blue bicicletta Trackback on March 31, 2010 at 8:16 am

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