A Progression, and a Glass Castle

You might remember seeing some pyramid drawings in a post last week. Well, I’ve gone on a total triangle tangent. This is not really anything new—if you looked through my past abstract drawings, you would see many triangle obsessions, not to mention my book, TriangleLove.

I cannot tell you why I love triangles so much, but I find them to be an endless inspiration—and pyramids, well they’re big triangles that can be built out of millions of little triangles.

This time, the triangles have been taking me through a definite progression, so I thought you might be interested to see how my brain works, and how each drawing works as a step to the next. So, here it goes. This is what happened after I drew the two pyramids from last week:

“Ric Rac Pyramid” 5 x 5 inches, pen and ink

Experimenting with integrating bits of other non-triangle pattern.

“Big Pyramid with Wings,” 8 x 10 inches, pen and ink

I wanted to make a bigger sized pyramid and had fun varying it with the upside down striped triangles (wings).

“Skinny Pyramid” 5 x 7 inches, pen and ink

I wanted to make a tall skinny pyramid and was still experimenting with having an alternate non-triangle pattern, although more regularly here.

“Triangle Kingdom,” 8 x 10 inches, pen and ink

This is where it starts to get interesting: I started out drawing a pyramid, but decided shortly in that it might be cool to create some sort of “building” with spires. This “kindgom” of sorts is what happened.

“The Flagship,” 8 x 10 inches, pen and ink

I started in on this one intending to do a variation on a “kingdom,” and I knew I wanted to incorporate some smaller triangles. This piece did not turn out exactly how I imagined, but what an interesting discovery process. I really loved the pattern I got going.

“Glass Castle,” 8 x 10 inches, pen and ink

For this drawing, I picked up with the pattern I discovered in “The Flagship.” I had a “building” with three towers in mind. As often does, part way through, a happy accident happened, and I ended up needing to color in that middle row with black. This led me to color in the other rows to balance.

The most exciting thing about this type of drawing (abstract shape/line-based drawing) for me is that I am flying by the seat of my pants. Especially at the beginning of this progression, when I sit down I really have no specific vision in my head. It is completely in the moment and absolutely fascinating to me to see where I end up. As I get further along, I start to develop more concrete ideas, but I am still building the drawing triangle by triangle. As is evidenced by the last drawings, I often make “mistakes,” which force me to think of a creative solution and go in a new way. Sometimes this works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but it is forever interesting.

I’m imagining there will be more to come in this series. We’ll just have to see where it goes!
These drawings will soon be available in my shop, so take a trip on over there (or comment here), if you’re interested in having one for your very own.

On a side note, here’s something absolutely beautiful to listen to: click here .
I have been listening to this song over and over again today after I discovered it yesterday listening to this radio show. Enjoy!


5 Responses to “A Progression, and a Glass Castle”

  1. 1 kseverny February 9, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    this looks like so much fun

  2. 2 Geoff M. Pope February 9, 2010 at 7:05 pm


    I just finished
    climbing around
    Triangle Kingdom
    after a nap-
    kin trip on
    The Flagship.

  3. 3 linda February 10, 2010 at 2:32 am

    Fantastic exploration…love how we can turn “mistakes” into interesting experimentations…woohoo!

  4. 4 Mike McLaren February 10, 2010 at 9:24 am

    These are fun. I enjoy drawing shapes. They let us play with patterns, and I love patterns. Most of the time I work with hexagons.

  1. 1 A New Creative Kit! « blue bicicletta Trackback on February 10, 2010 at 3:37 pm

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