Work in Progress

I’m back from a relaxing holiday on the coast, and am spending a large chunk of today working on my TriangleLove book.

I realize now that this project looks a lot like an assignment you would be given in a graphic design course—some sort of project where you’re supposed to pick a shape and do a series of repeated compositions with it—although, this specific project is  just as much about the typography and my interest in language, as it is about the triangles. But, I started to wonder, am I schooling myself? I took a few graphic design classes a couple of years ago, and I really loved the design theory class I took—in fact, I often find myself reflecting on that class and how it made me see things in a very different way that is now constantly informing what I do in art.

I love school, perhaps a little too much—the structure and the constant feedback you get in a school situation really works for me (perhaps to a fault)—but maybe we also develop our own schooling—we’re drawn to a certain series of projects or situations that begin to form the ideal training for what we want to do—or maybe it’s really the opposite?

Wow, that was a major tangent—back to the triangles . . .

My TriangleLove book will be 3.5 inches squared and have 8 different line drawings—each with an expression in words, and a matching illustration using triangles.

Here is one page—straight from my Adobe Illustrator document:

This gives you a little view into how I work. Most of my single drawings are completely hand-done, and I create the print from a direct scan of the work, but for longer projects, I always use Adobe Illustrator or InDesign to lay out the pages. With this one, I have also used Illustrator to perfect and size the drawings. The turquoise lines are my “guides” —basically lines that won’t print and can be used to help place things.

I’m becoming more and more in love with Adobe Illustrator, and its “live trace” function that enables me to take a scan of a drawing and convert it into lines and points on the computer. It is wonderful, although a little quirky! Right now, I’ve gotten everything basically laid out and am going back and tweaking things. I hope to get the book finished and printed up in the next couple of weeks.
What about you—got any extended projects cooking? What keeps you motivated to keep banging them out?

For me on this project, each step becomes more and more gratifying without being too labor intensive, so it’s pretty fun to see the book coming together so fast, and it kind of motivates itself. I’m also working on another project that’s taking a lot longer to develop. Since the progress is so much slower, in order to encourage myself to keep at it I have to continue to remind myself of the end product. Happy working!

1 Response to “Work in Progress”

  1. 1 B December 30, 2009 at 2:54 am

    Thanks for the peak into your process. I’m looking for a graphic design class around here as a goal for 2010 based on your encouragement. Blessings for a very creative New Year! B.

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