Raspberry Fun

I seem to be in a self-critical mood these last couple of days, and I realize that I most often post about the glory of art, but rarely (somewhat deliberately) leave out the pesky challenges.

I have to say, three times was a charm with this drawing—I just couldn’t get it right, and wasn’t really even sure I did when I finished this version, although it’s growing on me. I just wanted to share this because maybe there’s someone out there who looks at all of my nice little posts about art, and doesn’t realize that sometimes I’m cursing at my pen after I flub up a line, or I smear something on the page, or I just have to face the realization that I did not do what I wanted to do, and I have to do it again.

Two great lessons of art are: learn how to forgive yourself, and realize that you are not your art. It’s easy to get critical of yourself when your art isn’t turning out, but the truth is: art is a process, and you learn by doing. Also a failed piece of art doesn’t mean you’re a failure, and you most definitely learned something in the process (which means the experience was a success, as are you for continuing on).

Sometimes I have to teach and re-teach myself these ideas and just know when to walk away. Last night was one of those times—I drew this raspberry drawing twice and couldn’t get it right—it bothered me a lot, but it was bed time. I came back to it this afternoon, and I’m much happier with my results today. So, all I’m saying is, hang in there, chin up, and try it again tomorrow.


5 x 5 inches, pen and ink, prints available in my shop

1 Response to “Raspberry Fun”

  1. 1 severnyproductions July 21, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    my sentiments exactly

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