Hello Bishop

I’ve been out and about quite a bit this season, hence the thin number of posts over the last couple weeks. But I took the art on location again this past weekend on a trip back to a former haunt.

I suppose photography is my portable medium. I used to be a lot more serious about it, but lately, I’ve just been taking along a pocket digital camera because I just can’t seem to shake the need to capture things.

Now, I’ve been writing on this blog quite a while, and I can’t quite remember what I have and haven’t said (and am a bit too lazy to search back through all the old posts), but before we lived in Davis, we lived in Bishop, CA, a great little town on the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Many people ask why we would ever have lived in such a place. Only around 3,500 people live there, and driving through, the town looks like little more than a selection of gas stations and fast food restaurants. Well, in as few words as possible, here’s your answer:




Sure, there’s not a lot of nightlife and quite a limited selection of jobs (part of the reason we decided to move-the jobs, not the night life), but quite frequently, I would look up at the mountains and feel knocked over by them. While living there, I also discovered that I love the desert. The tiny plants with their subtle coloring are endlessly beautiful to me, especially when they repeat and repeat and repeat across the valley, leading your eye to the mountains that seem to jut up out of nowhere.

I am endlessly inspired by nature, especially the idea of infinity—the wide open spaces of the desert, the mountains leading your eye up into a vast sky, and the ocean reaching out to the ends of nowhere. I like being able to feel the vastness of things—I think it allows me to get out of my narrow thoughts into something much grander.


2 Responses to “Hello Bishop”

  1. 1 Sarah January 7, 2009 at 1:01 am

    I can relate so strongly to this. The lift in my spirits since we moved out of a large town (250,000) to this village has been amazing (some of it’s due to Dave of course!). I love the space and the big skies, like you say it’s that feeling of vastness, of infinity. I love the night sky for the same reason.

  2. 2 Pica January 7, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    Gorgeous photos. And yes. It’s beautiful, but not much to do there…

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