New Blue

As you have probably figured out by the title of this blog and many of my posts, I like to ride bikes. This blog was named after my very own blue bicicletta (beech-ee-clet-ta), a wonderful Schwinn I picked up out of someone’s backyard 5 years ago.

With advice from several people, and the realization of just how darn slow and hard I was riding because of my bike being old and rickety and without working gears, I had decided to make the investment of getting my good old bike fixed up. I dropped it off at the bike shop knowing that it was going to cost quite a pretty penny to get it to top shape, but my boyfriend had recently reminded me that my bike is my main mode of transportation, so I decided to make the investment.

A couple days later, the bike mechanic called me telling me something else would need to be fixed, driving my repair costs up even further. Being a kind man, he asked, “Have you had this bike since you were a kid or something? Does it have a lot of sentimental value?” I saw what he was driving at. I had thought quite a bit about just getting a new bike, but I figured I would end up spending just as much as if I repaired the old one, and I guess I did have some sort of attachment to this one. But, from talking it over, I decided it was time to retire this old bicicletta, and start anew.

This blog post was meant to be a commemoration of the good times with my bike, complete with glamour shot, but there is another twist to the story that makes that idea impossible.

At the time of the above-mentioned call, I was riding my boyfriend’s bike, as he was out of town. I wanted to get my bike out of the repair shop as soon as possible (to avoid taking up their space), so I rode by the shop, picked up my bike, but being unable to ride two bikes at once, locked my bike up outside the shop with the intent of picking it up the next day.

When I returned the next afternoon, my bike was gone. “The irony of it,” I thought. I wandered the street where I parked it for a while, wondering if I was confused about where I had left it, but sadly, it was very gone. Darn bike thieves! The idea that someone else was rolling down the street on my good old bike . . .

Aside from my anger and frustration, my boyfriend was back in town, and it was starting to get pretty depressing to ride the bus, drive, and walk everywhere. So, I quite quickly discovered the above new blue bicicletta, at a used bike store. My boyfriend made a little fun of me because honestly it’s essentially the same bike (with a slight color variation). Since my old bike got stolen before I was able to take the glamour shot, you will have to take my word for it. I have to say, this new, fixed up bike is amazingly stealthy– so smooth and fast compared to my old one– and the gears work!! Hot diggity! As you can see, after the thievery, I invested in a high-caliber kryptonite lock. Thieves be damned!

I seem to be writing a lot of non art-related posts lately . . . I don’t know . . . life is art, art is life . . . I may be back later today with some creative work.


2 Responses to “New Blue”

  1. 1 petescully August 19, 2008 at 9:49 pm

    sorry about the bike, bloody thieves. My own (green) bike died on me a few months ago, while out in the heat. Wheel stopped moving. Managed to somehow kick it into rotation before taking it to a bikeshop where they kindly did something with the bolts. Then the same thing happened cycling home – jolt, thud, sudden stop, off me bike. Wheel would not move by any force I possessed. Too far to drag it home without burning a hole in the wheel. I left it on a bike rack in a business lot. Came back tooled up to try and get it moving, but no luck. Eventually just left it, hoping to return with a better idea (or a car); never happened, and now bike is gone, vanished. Oh well.

  2. 2 bluebicicletta August 20, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    Wow, my list of people who have had bikes stolen around here is growing! Thanks for commiserating.

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