Sky Poems : : Inside



When the day feels dark
and cold as stone,
close your eyes.
Inside, everything
is glittering.


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Sky Poems : : Infinite Possibilities


Infinite Possibilities

In any moment
you can
begin again.


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Sky Poems : : Everything You Need


Everything You Need

When you long to run out into the future
trying to herd all that will happen
into one known fact,
simply look down.

No need to run,
nothing to chase.
Everything you need
is right here.


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My Mysterious Disappearance

Wow, it has been many months since I have blogged here, and you may (or may not) have been wondering where I’ve been.

Excuse #1: I started working a second job this past fall, which allowed much less time for extracurriculars.
Excuse #2: I had a baby!


Miss Ella Rose was born just about 3 weeks ago on the summer solstice. The pregnancy plus the two jobs conspired together to allow very little time and energy to do much more than work and sleep and . . . write. Yes, write! While I was not posting Sky Poems on the blog, I still managed to keep writing them, although at a slower pace.

And now, here I am with a three week old baby. You might say that now seems like the worst time to start blogging again, but I have found over the last three weeks that now more than ever I need to find ways to look up and take an expansive deep breath. And so I have found myself scribbling little Sky Poems more since Ella was born than I did the previous nine months. Also, I will be staying home to care for Ella (no more two jobs) for the near future, which I’m hoping will allow me some little pockets of time to dash off a blog post once in a while. Of course I cannot predict how frequently I will find time to post, but expect to start seeing some Sky Poems again here. I hope you’ll come by now and again for a break and a deep breath.

Sky Poems : : Give It All Up


Give It All Up

Give it all up,
hand it all over
to whoever it is
that makes the wind blow.

She knows better than you,
She knows better than me,
how life spins and turns and swoops.


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Sky Poems : : Come Back


Come Back

Wherever you have been all this time,
wandering the fog of your own thinking,
riding the sea of your self
through a dark, dark night -
come back.

Come back
to this pure field,
this place that never closes.

Come back
to this peace,
this light that never dims.

Come back
to this warmth,
this wholeness that can never be broken.


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Come back.

Sky Poem : : Not One is True


Not One is True

Let your thoughts
slip through your fingers
like water.
Not one is true.

Look at them with your eyes open
in curiosity.
Turn them over once,
then set them back on the ground
and keep walking.


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Hello there! My name is Nicole K. Docimo, and I am an artist and writer living in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Some Thoughts

"Be thirsty for the ultimate water,
and then be ready for what will
come pouring from the spring."

{from "Joy at Sudden Disappointment"
translated by C. Barks.}

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